Work in Lithuania: Where to find, how to get a job and how much you can earn

Lithuania is a small Baltic state with a population of 3 million, a member of the Eurozone since 2015. The country is developing well these days, especially in the industrial and farming sectors.

This makes it very easy to find a job here, as well as to adapt thanks to the huge number of Russian-speaking expats and the widespread use of the Russian language. The article by will inform you about what you need to find a job in Lithuania, which professions are popular in the country, and what kind of salary you can expect to get.

Will we be needed in Lithuania?

About 80% of the population of Lithuania are aboriginal Lithuanians; the rest are Belarusians, Russian nationals, Ukrainians, and Poles. On one hand, it is not very easy to find a job in the state: the unemployment rate is 8.7%, and the state primarily cares about the employment of local residents. On the other hand, after accession to the EU, more and more Lithuanians leave for other European countries, which offer higher wages. Therefore, it is up to the highly qualified specialists to find a place for them. And if you want to find a good job in Lithuania, go to


According to the local media, about one third of the population has left the Lithuanian cities and towns in the last 25 years. The only exception is Vilnius, which has lost about 8% of its population, although the actual percentage is higher, as internal migrants were responsible for the influx. Such characteristics give hope for newcomers from third countries, by the way, not only for highly qualified specialists, but also for drivers, construction workers, and those who seek work without skills in manufacturing or farming.

Requirements for foreigners

  • Language. When looking for a job in Lithuania, you must remember: you cannot expect to get a good position without knowing the Lithuanian language. The exceptions are specialists, who work for international companies (IT, logistics), and workers in factories and farms. Still, animosity to Russian-speakers is common in the country, therefore even poor knowledge of Lithuanian is capable to place local people to you.
  • Procedure of employment. As in any other European country, employment in Lithuania involves three mandatory steps: finding an employer and signing a contract, obtaining a work permit, and obtaining a visa. The first two points are not easy, especially if you are looking for a job outside Lithuania. Local companies are not very trustful of foreign applicants, because they will spend time and effort on you only if you are a really popular handyman.
  • Proof of qualification. If your profession is on the list of regulated professions, your foreign training has to be approved. Important categories of «lucky» people are engineers, doctors, teachers, financiers, innovation specialists (testers, software developers, etc.). If, after examining educational documents, the Lithuanian Labour and Resettlement Service decides that the applicant meets the proposed position, when arriving in the country the applicant will have to take an additional proficiency test and score at least 70% of the maximum score. In case of predominantly theoretical test, it is allowed to take the exam at a distance.
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How to get a job in Lithuania?